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Children’s Book – Through the Window – Go on a journey with Emma and her grandmother as they navigate the pandemic lockdown.

Comic Book – We All Bleed RedFollow TyborFropTeaganChelsea, and their cosmic comrades as they search for answers and their solution. This comic book leads you on an exploration of universal proportions – unleashing global perceptions to reveal the mechanics of the universe which is not for the ignorant of heart.

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Coming in September

  • Non-Fiction – Caregivers Guidebook Recovery tips for the caregiver of an accident victim.

What people are saying:

Books Coming Soon

  • Non-Fiction – The Business of Operating a Family Mother of six, Jenafor Rollins shares experience and systems to combat stress and encourage an environment for positive childhood memories.
  • Non-Fiction – Are you an A or an O? Determine which personality trait is your first response
  • Non-Fiction – I hit my head and experienced Brain Trauma A person doesn’t know what they don’t know and assumptions made over the years can turn out to be invalid. This was the case for me and my brain trauma resulting from an accident.
  • Fiction – A Través de la Ventana: Un cuento de aislamiento. The Spanish version of the classic Children’s book Through the Window.

About Jenafor

Sharing stories of human resilience and experience is her passion! Stories inspired by actual events. Stories which warm the heart, and uplift, and inspire a person to learn and grow toward their best self. Stories that engage and generate an emotional connection for the audience and leave an impact upon their invested time and experience.

Jenafor has written for business and newspapers for decades and was recently the editor of a monthly senior magazine in addition to a bi-yearly travel magazine.

She is an avid foodie, movie and travel enthusiast, and mother of six. In 2006 she migrated with her family from the US to New Zealand.