Life Experience is the backdrop of every story. When you live a lot of life, you have a lot of stories.

New Year in Vermont

What happens when your life is not your own?

As a Wall Street trader, Jackson Fitzgerald V has a dazzling lifestyle that, whilst perfect on paper, is anything but in reality. Between maintaining his high-stakes job, the need to appease his overbearing parents and feeling pushed into replacing his father as CEO of the family firm; Jackson is totally disillusioned with his life. He’s hoping that his annual end-of-year, out-of-state boys’ ski trip with his longtime friend will allow him to breathe a little.

With the new year fast approaching, Jackson has no reason to expect anything different over the next 12 months. However, in the snowy mountains of Vermont, his world is turned upside down, as against all expectations, he encounters something completely unforeseen but absolutely perfect.

A chance at a better life through nothing short of kismet lands at his feet, but will Jackson be daring enough to make the biggest trade of his capitalistic life.

A man looking for his true purpose in life…

A woman navigating upheaval in hers…

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